Goodbye ProTools, My Old Friend

So, some background: I am a graduate of an Audio Production School, have worked in the industry for something like 15 years as an engineer in both the recording studio (Vancouver, Montreal, Upstate New York) and live sound industry (Head Sound Engineer on a national tour of RENT, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying).
I have always been a ProTools guy. I have a license for ProTools 12 and last night spent, oh, 2 or 3 hours trying to get it install on my MacBook Pro (which it was installed on before) and finally succeeded. Then, it wouldn’t start – so had to reboot. Then it wouldn’t save a template I was trying to create for a podcast I’m hosting.
At this point, I stopped, “why am I fighting this fight?” I asked myself. The only answer was “because you’re a professional audio engineer and professional audio engineers use ProTools. This was not a good reason, in my view.
The biggest issue that I had with Reaper was the file management (Reaper, in general, gives you ALL the rope to hang yourself with – customizable up the wazoo). So, I Googled a little and found an article ( to quell my fears of file management.
So, I popped open Reaper, followed the above articles directions (it’s a little out of date, but still relevant), created my session, saved it as a template – in about 30 minutes, most of which was spent reading.
I feel that, we as humans, have a hard time letting go of old habits and old tools. To me, ProTools is great in a professional studio (mainly because they have the money for upkeep and the system isn’t usually portable like the laptops that most of us use) – and maybe that’s Avid’s (in my day, Digidesign) focus – because they sure make it prohibitive to general consumers. I feel like they’re more worried about someone stealing their software than someone actually using it.
In conclusion, I’m a convert. I have worked on and off with Reaper over the years and it always works…I’ve never had an issue with it – all my plugins work, it has never crashed on me: it’s solid. Plus, I don’t feel, in 2017, that I should have to fade a region by hand every time I make an edit!
I am now a self-proclaimed evangelist for Reaper. Anyone want to buy an iLok key and a ProTools 12 license? 🙂

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