011 Libbie Hawker Interview

On this episode, I talk to Libbie Hawker, author of…like, a million books. Oops! While I wrote that intro sentence, she wrote 3 more! We talk about permaculture, living on an island, sheep, and we eventually talk about writing. Apologies: I sound like I’m drunk and on the phone. Libbie sounds awesome! Check out Libbie at http://libbiehawker.com or on twitter @libhawker!

2 responses to “011 Libbie Hawker Interview”

  1. Masha says:

    What an inspiring and insightful interview with Libbie! Thank you very much. I loved it.
    I am interested in Libbie‘s potential book about prose and style that she mentions in this interview. Please tell her 🙂
    Is her next book about animal adventures coming out under „Libbie Hawker“ or one of her pen names?
    Keep up the great work, Jason! By the way, you sound just fine, so there is no need to apologize. Really 🙂

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