How to Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts from your iPhone

Why Apple (whom I love) made this so incredibly difficult, I’ll never know. However, I made a video to simplify the process…hopefully!

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011 Libbie Hawker Interview

On this episode, I talk to Libbie Hawker, author of…like, a million books. Oops! While I wrote that intro sentence, she wrote 3 more! We talk about permaculture, living on an island, sheep, and we eventually talk about writing. Apologies: I sound like I’m drunk and on the phone. Libbie sounds awesome! Check out Libbie at or on twitter @libhawker!

010 Hillary Savoie Interview

This week we talk to blogger and advocate Hillary Savoie about her writing, and drawing inspiration from her daughter and her cause. This is an episode that should NOT be missed! Well, none of them should be missed REALLY, but I will leave that up to your own conscience.

009 Waiting for Noxon

008 Jennifer Dugan Interview

In this episode we talk to YA author, Jennifer Dugan! She talks about her debut novel, Hot Dog Girl, as well as the many novels it took to get there! Listen to me fumble my way through this one!

You can find Jennifer on her website, or on twitter!

007 Bobby Chase Interview

Funny. Witty, Handsome. These are words I would use to describe myself. However, I would also use these words to describe Bobby Chase, who just happens to be this weeks guest.

Bobby is a comedy writer, film director, and an award winning producer/director/editor whose work has appeared on major networks such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, and The CW Network.He is a comedy fanatic and has written and produced many short films and web series, such as WELCOME HOME, EXPERI-MATES, and MANDATE.

He can be found on Twitter at @soundarmory, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Check out Welcome Home, now streaming on Amazon and Stream Now.

006 Jason Rekulak Interview

005 Robert Schwartz Interview

This week we talk to TV writer, film writer, and journalist Robert Schwartz! We eventually talk about writing, but we touch on things such as growing up in Upstate NY and who to invite to your Bar Mitzvah. We also find out that Robert doesn’t user Twitter so much – but when he does, it’s here.

He also has a website at where you can check out his work and the short film, Going Local.

004 Eileen Doyon Interview

This week we get to talk to author Eileen Doyon (@facesandstories) about all of our weirdly similar geographic existences — and a little bit about writing, specifically her Unforgettable Faces and Stories series.

Check out Eileen’s website for information on her books!

003 Ray O’Conor Interview

In this installment of the WriteBoom! Podcast, we talk to author Ray O’Conor about his book, She Called Him Raymond: a story too good NOT to be told, and one that would ultimately turn his entire world upside down.

You can find out more about Ray O’Conor on the web at

You can also find Ray on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!